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Idecom joins forces with Graph Synergie

Graph Synergie has announced today that Idecom, a marketing agency with 35 years of experience in Quebec, has joined its ranks.

Montreal Estate Forum: COVID and Real Estate Trends

Last October, Camille and Louis-Charles attended the Montreal Real Estate Forum. This 100% virtual edition brought together real estate enthusiasts and experts of all kinds. 

Golden rules for touching up your pictures

Architectural photography is all around us and is no longer reserved only for professional photographers.

COVID-19 / Memo from our President

First of all, the Graph Synergy team wants to send its sincere wishes of support to all those affected directly or indirectly, by COVID-19.

Welcome to Luc Picotte

Graph Synergie is proud to announce the appointment of Mr. Luc Picotte, Senior Consultant Strategist, within our consulting services department.


The world of cyber security is immense and complex, and a short article like this one is unable to deal with all the dangers that a company’s computer data can be exposed to.

Using the power behind nano-influencers

A nano-influencer is that person who regularly serves to highlight your business, who makes use of your hash-tags and who willingly shares your publications without any direct remuneration.

Bring your image to life

Images are the best tool to draw our attention because they are interpreted more quickly than videos and written texts. This is well understood by businesses wishing to be noticed.

Typography, a key feature not to be overlooked!

Whether on a website, in a promotional brochure or even in an email message, typography styles and varieties can be found everywhere. As a result, it is crucial not to underestimate their impact in making your choice and using them.

What kind of Website suits your project?

So, you are launching into a real estate project and looking for visibility on the Web? It’s time to think about creating a Website!

A new day in commercial real estate

Creative ways must be found to attract new renters and the job is not an easy one.

5 tips for success in taking architectural photos

Architectural photography is all around us and not only for use by professional photographers.

Proximity Real Estate: a growing trend

How to combine business with pleasure? That’s a question real estate developers are now having to answer.

Drones serving the Real Estate Market

Summer’s just around the corner, which means the start of drone launch season! Good weather and bright colors make this time of the year perfect for video captures.

Why invest in virtual reality for real estate?

Every real estate promoter’s dream has finally come true: it’s now possible to visit a project before it’s even built! Virtual reality will forever change real estate markets and buying habits.

“Motion design”, an integral part of UX.

When clients land on a webpage, the global look of the page draws them in and, if they like it, they might decide to continue navigating to the website’s internal pages. So you need to seduce the client: that’s where the idea of “motion design” comes into play.

Client surveys: good idea or outdated practice?

The most logical thing a business can do is to ask what their clients need. How do they rate our product, our services? A survey seems an ideal tool; but is it really?

Discover how Graph Synergie is involved with la Maison Tanguay!

Wanting to optimize the Maison Tanguay formula in 2008, Mr Jacques Tanguay contacted Graph Synergie’s president, Francis Lessard, to create 3D images and a promotional clip. He wanted the public to be able to visit la Maison Tanguay via the internet and show high-quality images.

The Story of the Little Blue Box

On January 10th, 1996, Francis Lessard, architect but mostly a bold entrepreneur, put all his hopes, ambitions and savings in this little blue box. A revolution was truly underway…

2017 edition of the “Maison Tanguay”!

Thanks to a 3D tour, available on any devices, you will be able to imagine yourself living in this fabulous home, touring every room one at a time. Once again this year, the house is quite beautiful and filled with exceptional innovations.

Unveiling of the new version of Quebec City’s « Le Phare » project

Our team of designers had the privilege to give life to the new version of the “Le Phare” 2.0 project with a video and image presentation given by Mr. Michel Dallaire, President and Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Dallaire.

Growth for Graph Synergie: acquisition of Studio Visionic

Graph Synergie formalizes its acquisition of Studio Visionic today in order to increase its presence in Quebec. The complementary expertise and shared vision of the two companies allow for a strategic marriage of specialized talent that will accelerate development. After 20 years of operation, this transaction marks a first step in Graph Synergie’s growth through expansion.

Launching Maison Tanguay 2016!

While Graph Synergy celebrates its 20th anniversary, the Maison Tanguay is launching its 20e issue! Graph Synergy is proud to partner with presentation of Maison Tanguay Novoclimat 2.0 2016, while providing a more immersive tour!

How do you sell a future high-rise?

Il y a dans le monde 1052 bâtiments de plus de 150 mètres, construits ou en cours de construction. La moitié de ces bâtiments sont à usage résidentiels ou mixte. Les plus séduisantes de ces constructions continueront à se vendre aisément. En front de mer ou en plein centre des villes les plus attractives, les unités continueront de s’arracher. Pour les autres, que faire pour séduire?

Real buildings printed in 3D? Where else than Dubai

As usual , Dubai will distinguish itself with its architecture. This time, not by height or design of one of its new skyscrapers, but by the construction of several office units entirely printed in 3D.

Graph Synergie in Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated has made ​​a specialty , alongside its sports publications, to put under the spotlight the most beautiful curves of the world. This time it is those of the Videotron center who qualifies for the famous magazine focus.

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