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Noir Collection
Case study

The Noir Collection concept stems from the quest for total sophistication, a selection of exclusive penthouses to be found at the heart of DevMcGill’s buildings projects. Beyond a need to simply present housing units, the primary intention in launching the brand was to surprise and inspire. This means to appeal to an audience moved by artistic attention to details and by a dialogue sprinkled with poetic metaphors.

Creating consistent and strong communication tools

The Noir Collection brand had to be displayed through a wide range of deliverables in a highly organized manner. To achieve this, all the visuals have been produced in close cooperation with the client (DevMcGill) and the multidisciplinary team of Graph Synergie.

Both printed and virtual tools were developed to allow the brand to showcase the collection with a high added value.

Video, 3D imagery, website, pamphlet and social media advertising: each tool is working hand in hand to complement the others.

Capturing the essence and bringing it to life…

The light and the brighter/darker shades are playing a prominent role in the distinctive image featured in Noir Collection. For both static images and animations, those elements are highlighting details such as the marble and are discreetly revealing the magnificence and luxury of the space.

… Even through the web experience

This experience should not be considered insignificant. It needs to be guided by a well-thought storytelling, which will draw us into a leisurely discovery. For this to happen, small scenes have been designed around the furnishings which occupy the featured penthouse. A sequence of mysterious elements is leading to the unveiling of the collection in a both elegant and intriguing manner.

To top off the Noir Collection experience, a video will be presented during a brief visit of the NOCA featured penthouse. Lulled by an intricate musical background, the resulting feeling captures to perfection the essence of Noir Collection in a short but powerful 60-sec0nd clip.

The finished product of this extensive cooperative effort with the DevMcGill team gives the potential buyer a sense of exclusivity, both in terms of the language form and the presentation with the use of the various communication tools.

Memorable, exhilarating, one of a kind. A production living up to the Noir Collection concept.

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